The way to create an unbeatable gaming protection technique in NBA 2K23?

Right defensive settings in any play mode are vital to success in any on-line crew sport. Defensive units are key to profitable, whether or not you’re taking part in on my crew or another platform. This text will look at one of the best defensive settings to play on-line with NBA MyTEAM.

Setting Up the Good Defensive Technique to Win the Sport

First, you’ll wish to go to the sport plan, defensive settings after which onboard strain. Right here, you’ll wish to set it too tight or extra clever. This will probably be more difficult to your opponents and assist you win. You possibly can put off-ball strain too tight or my crew gamers. This can shield you towards those that prefer to shoot and make it tougher for them to succeed. You’ll wish to set the denial ball too tight or mannequin, relying on who you’re taking part in towards. You possibly can set it to the center for false path to cease your opponents from going baseline.

No Assist and Automated Settings for Display Draw and Hedge to Win

For display draw assist, you’ll wish to set it to no help. This can stop the AI from collapsing the protection and can make it simpler so that you can win. For drawing the assistance, it’s finest to set it to no help, particularly when you’re taking part in with my crew. This offers you a greater probability of success. For display hedge, you’ll wish to set it to automated. This can make sure that your opponents received’t have the ability to exploit any matchups and can assist you to win.


Lastly, you’ll wish to set transition protection to no threes. This can stop your opponents from scoring simple three-pointers on quick breaks and assist you win. With the proper defensive settings, you’ll have the ability to make your opponents give up, blow them out by 30 or 40 factors and make them look small. Simply be certain to remain disciplined and don’t be informal. With these settings, you’ll be able to dominate any on-line crew sport.